"I didn't think the world needed two Colin's but I was wrong. I was wrong."-#KatieMcGrath talking about #ColinMorgan

Katie McGrath talking about Colin Morgan

Katie McGrath, everyone. x) Also know as my favorite actress ever. --DestinyandDoom --- I love, too! --Maid of Lorraine

she's such a giant nerd and it's fantastic

"I am really Merlin." Colin is just WAY TOO ADORABLE!!!!!! I LOVE him ;)

Colin moments behind the scenes

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Merlin doesn't understand just how much Arthur care about him.

I love Eion's reaction. x3 #Merlin

How to kill your slash fandom in 5 steps ^Quite an interesting article, talks about quite a few fandoms for which I have a slash ship.

Bradley is very good at art

there's a quest thing Colin and Bradley did, and you can definitely see it when they paint characters from the show!

Then again you can only use magic jewellery so often before it gets old and predictable. Come up with new plan that does not include taking over Camelot for a total of two episodes and then being kicked out again!

She was such a good friend to Merlin that she even fought to save his mother in the worst of odds, but ended trying to kill him repeatedly. >>>> I think all of us loved Morgana from the beginning to the very end.

Yeeeees Omg Katie I love you ... you understand us you understand merlin fangirl that why we love you to death

I think it's safe to say that, as a whole, the entire Merlin fandom can identify with Katie in this statement. <------ I think as a whole, Kate IS the entire Merlin fandom

When I first started watching Merlin I had no idea the emotional trauma I would go through.

My heart is breaking. I just finished merlin and I'm dying still.

I love this episode lol Merlin was possessed and was talking to one of the knights of Camelot and he thought Merlin was joking XD

Day Favorite Funny Scene: Sir Leon helping Merlin pick out a crossbow to use to kill Arthur.I find this completely hilarious because Leon does not take Merlin seriously at all.

Cols and Bradders <3 Look at Colin all like "Don't look at me, I didn't say it." lol don't lie Colin, yiss you did.

A whole conversation between the Merlin boys spoken with only facial expressions.

"Which he should have taken as "I'm going to try and kill you multiple times per episode from now on.""

Ugh the poisoning scene was heartbreaking. I always have mixed feelings about Morgana. She was so sweet and I loved her and then she turned evil and I hated her fucking guts.

Hehe. Love that scene! And the fact that he knew when to give up and be a gentleman.

Sassy Gwen and sassy Gwaine

Colin Morgan and Bradley James | Bradley James and Colin Morgan. Bradley james is ... | All For Albion

Colin Morgan and Bradley James. Bradley James and Colin Morgan.


Sir Leon, Gwen and Gaius - Merlin BBC I love how Leon just thinks Merlin was kidding about killing Arthur

And Arthur, the lovable idiot he is, doesn't believe Merlin

These are the scenes that show that Merlin being cancelled is ridiculous :( Shame BBC. And I always wanted to know what would happen if Arthur found out that Merlin was in fact dying.