i love that greg is crossed out at the top of the page. sherlock can never know gregs name!

Benedict's Wedding by reikohattori on DeviantArt<--that awkward moment when the hobbit starts acting like smegol


After the harpoon scene. Sherlock' s playing with bubbles~ and. wearing pants in the bathtub.

Its funny how much this is true to the show. But I hate sherlocks smile in…

It's funny how much this is true to the show. But I hate sherlocks smile in this. its not true to the character. <-- That's true, but it fits the song I guess xD

"This person has it spot on. The character development in this show is simply brilliant!!!"

I totally agree with this. The friendship that exists between John and Sherlock is deep, beautiful, and so well written.

I love how they stopped signing it

Sherlock and Mycroft's school disciplinary forms. i could definitely see this happening - spin off idea! the holmes boys' shenanigans in school

Next time you play rock paper scissors, be sure to play your John card. I guarantee you will win. Every. Single. Time.

But Sherlock has John. Seriously, I say this a lot, but I don't ship johnlock, they just always have really cute stuff like this.<<< You ship Johnlock you just dont know it

Guys, look! Pessoal, olhem! Lestrade's face, oh my gosh.

I'm serious lol all of their reactions was priceless. Moriarty's was my favorite, his inner diva came out and oh gosh xD

Sherlock and Archie

[GIF] Sign of Three Spoilers. Archie is what Sherlock should have been. <<< Hello waiter, I did not order feels this early in the morning.--well it's night, but still How fucking dare you? Unprovoked sucker punch right in the feels.

He's a master of disguise - Imgur

He's a master of disguise

Paparazzi:have you seen benedict around here somewhere?, Benedict:no sir, sorry but im just a napkin. Other paparazzi in the background:aw man I swear I saw him.

FIGHTING EVIL BY MOONLIGHT... Hahaha this is is awesome, I love when sailor moon crosses over into my other fandoms :)

consulting detectives: Make up! With the science of deduction,we will punish you! the music was in my mind from the begining to the end! Johnlock crossover sailor moon THIS POST COMPLETES ME

:P xD <3

This is a completely accurate representation of Sherlock's mind palace. I feel like, in this mode, he pictures himself as a Disney princess and SINGS ALL THE SONGS! <<< Oh dear me, what's it like in your funny little brains, it must be so BORING!

Isn't that the guy who plays Sherlock?

Funny pictures about That Funny Looking Guy Every Girl Likes. Oh, and cool pics about That Funny Looking Guy Every Girl Likes. Also, That Funny Looking Guy Every Girl Likes photos.

KNOW THE CODE GUYS omggggggggg

How does NO ONE know why he is, seriously? Ugh but if I saw him in a movie in school, I'd just sit there silently fangirling and bouncing up in down in my seat but did you respond "thanks. i stole them from the president.