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©Jordi Bernet

©Jordi Bernet

Jordi's a legend for his economy of lines belying much more finesse. Also his pin-up stuff.  This has both. I really want to read Torpedo and Kraken now. Will Eisner, the man who defined the modern-day comic, praised him when he was a burgeoning artist.

woolamaloo: Abuli & Bernet’s hardboiiled Noir comics, Torpedo. Tough guys cracking wise and sexy dames…

I MIEI SOGNI D'ANARCHIA - Calabria Anarchica: Bernet - Torpedo Artist: Jordi Bernet (Penciller)...

- written by Enrique Sánchez Abulí and drawn by Jordi Bernet - a Spanish comics series.

Bernet, Jordi	Cicca en Rio page - nudity - W.B.

Bernet, Jordi Cicca en Rio page - nudity - W.