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I can't help but smile to myself when people innocently ask me why I'm not married. I should just show them this picture. (To be fair though this picture is slightly exaggerated. I'm dog sitting for a couple weeks and two of the dogs here arent actually mine). #cuz10dogsandapigwouldbecrazy

He adopted an abused old dog, and when they arrived home, the old dog met his unusual family!

funny pictures of dogs

"Going shopping with your dog they said… It'll be fun they said." ~ Dog Shaming shame - This has never happened with MY DOGS! Awe what a cutie pie

You look at this picture and try to tell me animals do not feel or understand! oh the happiness I see =] baby elephant playing in water!

Worth It

Worth It

Funny pictures about No regrets whatsoever. Oh, and cool pics about No regrets whatsoever. Also, No regrets whatsoever.

30+ Funny Snapchat Cats

30+ Funny Snapchat Cats

Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.

Best of the Best (Beasts) Part 12

The derpiest lion. Lion's are known for their badassery. Of course, if I were a lion, I'd be this one. The ONE derp lion.

Beautiful Darlings ... grey cockatiels ..

Cmon Carl pose with me. Funny and cute animal pictures. Birds posing for a picture.


Disapproving Ostriches ---> laughing way to hard at this. From now on, every time I see someone look at me like that, I will see the ostriches. And I will smile. No, I will laugh!

Cosas de gato

Funny pictures about Infallible Cat Trap. Oh, and cool pics about Infallible Cat Trap. Also, Infallible Cat Trap photos.

Chewbacca dog. Omg this looks exactly like my moms dog!

it's a chewie dog! my hubby's friend has a dog named chewie and hubby named our cat yoda. can you tell they're star wars geeks?

Cyber Monday Funny Pictures

Funny pictures about Single mother of three. Oh, and cool pics about Single mother of three. Also, Single mother of three.