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RWBY - Weiss http://silenticha.tumblr.com/post/101481378059/ice-queen-yaay-more-a-rather-mad-scene

RWBY - Weiss http://silenticha.tumblr.com/post/101481378059/ice-queen-yaay-more-a-rather-mad-scene

RWBY, velvet is so awesome...

RWBY : Unlimited Blade Works by - Velvet and her holographic copy-cat weapons

Hey everyone. We would like to thank our followers for supporting us up to this point. We unfortunately haven’t been able to give back to you all as much as we would like to but We will try our best .  I’ve got an amazing work of art here drawn by baka-kiiro.   http://baka-kiiro.deviantart.com/ Please follow the link and you wont regret it                                                                                                   ~Strider

New Weiss poster for SacAnime I felt like I should make the composition match the Ruby poster I did before. I will also have the other Weiss poster on sale. 2 more RWBY posters to go! Weiss/RWBY (c)

Weiss Schnee

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My Anime List #1

My Anime List #1

Seen SAO and Deathnote--reference later when searching for new amines to watch :)

If somebody know the artists, please let me know

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Coco is the best character out of the entire show! I, Portal, believes in Coco of Team Coffee is the best character.