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200 Years Since Petra Was Discovered. Petra is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Jordan. In the year the city of Petra had been

Mali: The Great Mosque of Djenné is a large  adobe (mud brick) building that is considered by many architects to be one of the greatest achievements of the Sudano-Sahelian architectural style. The mosque is located in the city of Djenné, Mali. The mosque dates from 1907. As well as being the centre of the community of Djenné, it is one of the most famous landmarks in Africa. Along with the "Old Towns of Djenné" it was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1988. #Hagereseb #Mali…

The Minaret of Samarra is part of the Great Mosque of Samarra in Samarra, Iraq. The mosque is one of the largest in the world, and was built by the Abbasid caliph Al-Mutawakkil . The minaret was originally connected to the mosque by a bridge.

Petra is one of the most exotic places. We got there by traveling through Eilat, Israel. Then, walking and weaving through barbed wire and a no man's land of sand between Israel and Jordan. Then a waving friendly van driver drove us there. The Turkish bath story at Petra is another story altogether.

Petra is one of the most exotic places. We got there by traveling through Eilat, Israel. Petra is in Jordan. Fabulous place to visit.

Manarola by night, commune of Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre, province of La S

One of the favorite places we visited. Manarola by night, Cinque Terre, Liguria, Italy (Favorite Places Art)

Petra Jordan Ancient City of Country

Petra: In the Top 10 List of most amazing ancient place we should keep the name of city of Petra. It is also one of the most ancient places of the world.

Incredible Structures of the World

Incredible Structures of the World




Petra (Arabic: البتراء, Al-Batrāʾ, Ancient Greek Πέτρα) is a historical and archaeological city in the southern Jordanian governorate of Ma'an. Cannot remember if it was Prophet Salih or Hud's people who were destroyed here.

The old country! Petra, Jordan - Ancient City ~ One of the "New" Seven Wonders of the World.

I have to see Petra in Jordan at some point in my life.probably not until the Middle East calms down but definitely a bucket list item for me!

Acropolis, It's amazing, you can see it anywhere when walking around in Athens.

sun bursting dramatically through the clouds over the Parthenon, Athens, Greece. I haven't been here, but love antiquities and history. Greece should probably be on my bucket list, but the instability of the government and currency are worrisome.

A Bedouin man on top of one of the ancient buildings of Petra, Jordan. Photo by Annie Griffiths

skysignal: “ Photograph by Annie Griffiths Belt Reclining on a rooftop carved two millennia ago, a Bedouin surveys the realm of the Nabataeans, whose ancient capital beckons from the sands of southern.