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He's making sure everyone's up!

~Cockadoodledoo ♥ Love to hear the roosters crowing in the morning~


I love Roosters and chickens.got a bunch of these beauties in picture, rug, nic nacs all over my kitchen farm animals

A Handsome Rooster: "Strutting His Stuff!

"That oatmeal this morning was Devine."  "Gurl it sure was."   "My feet were so nice and toasty." "I hope Rebecca makes it for us again tomorrow."

Backyard Poultry Magazine

Rooster & Mother Hen talking It over ! Whats You take on this PaPa Rooster? Cock a Doodle Do! This Snow is for the *Birds, that can Fly South for the Winter!


Close up view of a crowing rooster- handsome fellow! The best alarm clock…

booted bantams                                                       …

booted bantams …

Gorgeous colors on this stunning rooster. (No photo credit given)

Gorgeous colors on this stunning rooster. (No photo credit given)

Beautiful Serama #MeyerHatchery

Serama cockerel - the smallest breed of chicken; love the plumage on this one Más

Alltägliche Hühnerkrankheiten - Gartenhühner.de

Alltägliche Hühnerkrankheiten - Gartenhühner.de

Sweet home Alabama...du kannst es hier nur etwas sehen, aber zu diesem Lied schwinge ich gerne meine Krone! Frauen stehen drauf! Die meinige daher hinter mir!

Chickens in five minutes a day : raising, tending and getting eggs from a small backyard flock made easy / Murray McMurray Hatchery (April

Just because - I miss my girls! They always made me smile.

Mädels, euer Auftritt

A Place in the Country : Photo

The Reluctant Paladin

A rooster, also known as a cockerel or cock, is a male galinaceous bird. The term usually refers to a male chicken. Immature male chickens less than one year old are called cockerels. This rooster is from Riverdale Farm, Toronto

Sueños compartidos : coloress

épinglé par ❃❀CM❁✿⊱little bird.

Sweet Country Life ~ Simple Pleasures ~ Farm eggs

Any one need some farm fresh cage free eggs give me a call

Chicken mansion. To make the coop and run predator proof, bury two feet of wire fencing under the dirt to prevent anything from digging in. (Living the Country Life)

nice chicken coop- all wire enclosed to be predator proof. Wire roof to keep the hawks out. Wire underground all around to keep "diggers" from going under. Also, provide a solid roof on part of the shelter for sun, rain, & winter snow protection

Country hen ✿⊱╮                                                                                                                                                     More

It reminds me so much of my Granny's Hen House and her feeding the chicks & collecting the eggs each day.Ohhhhh to hear a mamma hen clucking to her babies.I want a Hen House & some Chickens!