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sandra juto blanket

sandra juto blanket

Crochet Circle-to-square granny (Grandma's Knicknacks) photo pattern tutorial for my "Grandma's Knickknacks" blanket.  This is m...

Free Crochet Pattern & Tutorial for Grandma’s Knickknacks Blanket, From Laurel’s Place.

I found this on someones blog, and it's too beautiful not to share!  I'd LOVE to learn how to do this!

Working on this one granny square a day. Using colours inspired by some of my collection of old china - hence the name. Update Sept 2011 - I don’t like it! I have 20 squares joined and .

Ravelry: Sunshine Day Baby Afghan pattern by Alicia Paulson

Sunshine Day Baby Afghan pattern by Alicia Paulson

A N D A M E N T O: More On The Granny Squares Blanket - Joining As You Go...

Thank you to all who commented on the new blanket. I received a couple of comments asking how I went about joining the granny squares togeth.