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Sinopse: O Nascimento da Europa: Colisão - EP 1 de uma serie com três - Explore como as massas terrestres das Terra ajudaram na criação da Europa como a conh...

Scandinavian Door w/old style / or old designs / dragons -- the symbol on the upper right and left may be what I saw in a few Stave Kjirke's which had a MEANING of saying "WE ARE HERE, BUT WE DON'T BELIEVE THIS" because Christianity was ENFORCED. by King Richard I think -- It was Mandatory. Vikings are sensible, true to self, hard to manipulate, and stubborn. :-D

Viking throne craft made in Finland

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The Sami (Indigenous Europeans) This video has some cool footage.

Picture of Sofia Jannok-Swedish sami singer. Davadat (west bound wind):

Saiva Moura - the Sacred Holy tree and a place of worship of the Nordic Sami people by Picart 1600's

Classic Illustrations from Norse Mythology

Viking Ship Discovered In Mississippi River Could Be One Of The Oldest Evidence Of Pre-Columbian Trans-Oceanic Contact -

Film about #Saami |