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sega-vr Em 1991 a sega apresentou um protótipo de mais um add-on, um óculos de realidade virtual que além de fazer imagens em 3D, reconheceria os movimentos do usuário. Devido dificuldades no desenvolvimento, o projeto sumiu da lista de lançamentos da Sega em 1994, junto com os 4 jogos desenvolvidos para ele.

#blastfromthepast The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (also known as the Super NES, SNES[b] or Super Nintendo) is a 16-bit home video game console developed by Nintendo that was released in 1990 in Japan, 1991 in North America, 1992 in Europe and Australasia (Oceania), and 1993 in South America. In Japan, the system is called the Super Famicom (Japanese: スーパーファミコン Hepburn: Sūpā Famikon?, officially adopting the abbreviated name of its predecessor, the Family Computer), or SFC for short…

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The Sega Game Gear was an 8-bit handheld game console released by Sega on October 6, 1990 in Japan, 1991 in North America, Europe and Argentina, and Australia in 1992. As part of the fourth generation of gaming, the Game Gear primarily competed with Nintendo

Gods is a 1991 video game by The Bitmap Brothers where the player is cast as Hercules in his quest to achieve immortality. The game was first made for Amiga and Atari ST computers and then ported for various other platforms. Like other Bitmap Brothers' games, Gods was highly praised by critics thanks to the quality graphics and music.

It may have boosted the power of my Mega Drive and given me the first glance of video footage in a game. But I was still gutted at the £350 price tag! And I think I only bought about 5 games for it!

Box art of "Streets of Rage," a beat-'em-up for the Sega Mega Drive released in 1991

Streets of Rage Start Screen

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The best-selling pinball machine of all time is still "The Addams Family," which came out in 1991.

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