Sailor heroine Mulan

Iconic Disney Heroines As Flawless Sailor Moon Characters. In the name of the Moon, we need this crossover! In loooove with the Mulan version, she looks so pretty

Humanized Disney Characters ! So funny Disney in real live. Well done my childhood !!!

Humanized Disney Characters

Humanize disney characters -- Most of these are absolutely perfect.although I'm a little disappointed in the Robin Hood and Little John sketch.

Disney Princesses Bookmarks: Merida

This week's Princess Disney bookmark features Merida from Brave! More: Disney Princesses Bookmarks: Merida

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Disney Princesses in their Prince’s outfits. I personally like Ariel in her princes outfit the best though.

Disney Princesses As Superheroes. Rapunzel as Sailor Moon is my favorite, but Belle as Hermione is a close second.

Disney Princesses dress as pop culture characters for Halloween - Rapunzel/Sailor Moon. look at Pascal!

If Disney Princesses were Anime Characters. My fav is Mulan and Jasmine. (by mari945)

If Disney Princesses were Anime Characters. My fav are Mulan and Jasmine. (by mari945)

Anime Disney Princess Alice in wonderland Aladdin Mulan Brave Snow White pochahontas the little mermaid Cinderella beauty and the beast multiple

Disney Princesses Dressed as Superheroines For Halloween  These are great ideas for cosplay with the Disney princesses in different creative roles..

Disney Princesses Dressed as Superheroines For Halloween

Even More Disney Princesses Dress as Superheroines For Halloween! This Belle/Hermione crossover is amazing

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