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i could spend a lifetime
exploring the galaxies of your skin.
i could chart and map, name and discover
every constellation of birthmarks, freckles, scars and lines. 
through the telescopes of my eyes 
i am memorizing the stars that decorate your back.
i, the intrepid and uncompromising explorer
and you, the galaxy of skin lying inside
the universe of this bed. 
at any given moment there lives on you and me a blanket of flesh,
twenty square feet and six pounds heavy
that separates your heart…

fall in love with the universe.. I honestly do this every night! Love to look at the stars!

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Photo (Falling for you.)

This is one of the most beautiful things I've read in a long while.

I hope one day you give your heart to someone and they will hold it tight as if it’s their own. I hope one day you wake up and have something or someone to live for. I hope one day you can go to bed smiling without a worry in the world. I hope one day the battle is over and you’ve won. I hope one day you meet someone who makes you realize how beautiful you truly are.

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de Bloglovin’

The Universe and Her, and I #255 written by Christopher... (Remington Typewriter Poetry.)

a certain kind of silence that begged to be understood... The Universe and Her, and I #255, by Christopher Poindexter.

I think these two simple sentences speak volumes. Dedicated to the invisible things in all our lives.

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