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The institution of the Eucharist

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Jesusario: Sed tengo Gregorio Fernández y discípulos, 1612-1616 Cofradía de las Siete Palabras / Insigne Cofradía Penitencial de Nuestro Padre  Jesús Nazareno / Museo Nacional de Escultura  Valladolid

Jesus takes the final wine of His last Passover supper celebration, making that gift of Himself and the Sacrifice of the Cross one thing.

Why Did God Wants to Write the Law in Our Hearts?

Why Did God Wants to Write the Law in Our Hearts?

Biblical: In John he claims "Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise them up at the last day." The offering of the body of christ comes from the last supper of Jesus with his disciples.

The Last Supper by Jon McNaughton

On the eve of His crucifixion and hours before the agony of Gethsemane, Jesus observed a final Passover meal with His apostles. … Who asked Him about the "End of the world".

Another reason that the Eucharist is important today is that it connects us to Jesus through his passion, death, and resurrection. When we receive the Eucharist, we fall from our sins, and then we are lifted up by Christ and with Christ. God nourishes us through the Eucharist, and we grow closer to him.

Corpus Christi Novena Day 9 I thank You, Jesus, my Divine Redeemer, for coming upon the earth for our sake and for instituting the adorable Sacrament .

Atonement of Jesus Christ - Gethsemane, Crucifixion, Resurrection Minerva Tiechert

“Atonement of Christ”: Church History’s New Installment in Online Exhibit Series - Church News and Events

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Passover meal and how it is turned into the Lord’s Supper. Jesus tells the disciples that he will be betrayed by one of them, and prepares them to be the church.

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Scripture: Luke 7 - 20 and John 3 - 30 or pages 440 - 443 in The Golden Children’s Bible Target Age Group: through grade Welcome the children to the classroom and chat with them a.

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The Last Supper is one of the world's best-loved religious mural paintings created by Leonardo da Vinci on the late century. Rather than on wet plaster, he painted The Last Supper on a dry wall using experimental pigments. The Last Supper…



douayrheims: “ CATHOLICISM insists that Our Lord meant precisely what He said at the Last Supper: “ This is my Body, etc.” Protestants are convinced that He only spoke those words figuratively. It is well nigh impossible to move them from that.