dream catcher

Im the nightmare emptier. The horrible things I've seen.who could be have such horrible dreams? The reason I am the one whose job this is, is because I cannot dream. I cannot dream nice dreams or terrible ones. (Get Him Back Writing Prompts)

Any of Bette's grandkids about Bette

Dialogue Prompt -- "No, sir; I am not underestimating the kidnappers. YOU are underestimating my grandmother." all i can think of is neville and his grandmother

I first met the reaper when she came for my hamster.

I first met the reaper when she came for my hamster. <<- Does anyone els thinks this sounds like the grim adventures of Billy and Mandy (they meet the the reaper for the first time when Billy's hamster dies)

Prompt -- we found her when we raided the compound. DNA tests show that no one there is biologically related to her

writing prompt - We found her when we raided the compound DNA tests show that there is no one biologically related to her


Saving their lives.

Culture shock essay prompt for high school Sometimes encounters with another culture can make you feel like you've entered a whole new world. Writing Prompt: “Culture Shock, an essay, a poem, or.