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Yellow butterfly.  Pieris napi

Yellow butterfly. Pieris napi

The butterfly and the orchid by ~Verdenwelt on deviantART by Divonsir Borges

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Isoria latonia

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where are you, summer by dralik.

Beautiful butterflies. .

Beautiful butterflies. .

Graphium cloanthus

chocolate and mint Butterfly

~~Malachite Butterfly rests upon an orchid by Robert Bridgens~~

A Malachite butterfly rests upon an orchid in The Wisley Glasshouse

Scientific name: Argyreus hyperbius (Linnaeus, 1763).  English name: Indian Fritillary.  Japanese name: ツマグロヒョウモン (Tsuma-guro-hyoumon).

Scientific name: Argyreus hyperbius (Linnaeus, English name: Indian Fritillary.

Papilio polytes by Omelchenko Sergii

Papilio polytes by Omelchenko Sergii

A white morpho butterfly.

White Morpho by Ginger Harris

Garden Friend...                                         by VinothChandar

Beautiful butterfly by VinothChandar

Angled Castor Butterfly

Ariadne ariadne/Angled Castor, a species of nymphalid butterfly found in Asia.

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torn places in the wing, simple earth, small flower, a short lived but vibrant butterfly enjoys its life without a care.

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