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imagens de casa na árvore - Pesquisa Google

"Escolhe um trabalho de que gostes, e não terás que trabalhar nem um dia na tua vida." Confúcio Veja mais sobre Espiritualidade & Autoconhecimento em: http://sobrebudismo.com.br/

marocco decor

7 Cardinal Rules for Life...lately I've needed reminded of these daily...especially #6

Focus On This Above All Things - Randy Pausch

The Rainbow Bridge Poem...For B.G., Garfield, Scamp, & Tiffany. Miss you furry guys so very much..

I really like this one. Those we call weak may be the strongest we've ever known, and those we know as strong might be very weak.

When life is short, or I should say I won't remember my life as time goes on. Its already happening. Thanks to that brain surgury. But at least I have a wonderful husband. He takes care of me. I've been trying to write books to my kids, maybe one day things will be ok before its to late. Stubborn runs in our family. Lol

be of quality by doing things right, even if no one is looking...

What will be, will be

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