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MUSEU MUNICIPAL DE ARQUEOLOGIA DE SILVES CONTACTOS Rua da Porta de Loulé, nº14 8300 Silves Telf.: 282 444 832 | 282 440 800 | 37º11’20.48” N , 8º26’20.52”W HORÁRIO Aberto de Segunda a Sábado das 9h00 às 18h00, última entrada às 17h30 Encerra aos domingos e Feriados

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8 Incredible Facts You May Not Know About Human Evolution

8 Incredible Facts You May Not Know About Human Evolution - Early human beings left Africa over 1 million years ago

This is reconstruction of a girl from 40,000 years ago. She is called Denisovan, close cousin to Neanderthals. Lived in southeast Asia & many from the Pacific islands carry her genes.

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▶ Smithsonian Education | National Museum of Natural History Forensic Anthropologist Kari Bruwelheide | Power of the Bones - YouTube

The age of Neanderthal bones and artefacts discovered in a Greek cave suggests that the area was a key crossroads for Neanderthals and anatomically modern humans, according to researchers. The DNA of today’s Europeans and Asians shows that Neanderthals occasionally interbred with modern humans, and the find coincides with the discovery of what is believed to be a Neanderthal-modern human hybrid who lived in Italy around 35,000 years ago.