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Terra Deusa Empoderamento Session. Alegrai-vos na sua conexão com a Mãe Terra.

"The true beauty of the inner self is its spirit nurturing truth which breathes joy and happiness into our very soul. By living life in harmony and balance we awaken our inner universe and cultivate infinite love for all beings. The essence of being alive is to live an inspired life of higher self discovery that opens doorways to richness of spirit and inspires us to embrace the earth as a sacred womb of love." ~Micheal Teal ..*

Gaia : Mother Earth - Pesquisa Google

The Three Goddesses or Fates: maiden, mother, and crone. Also, in Greek mythology, Clotho spins the thread of life, Lachesis measures the thread of life, and Atropos cuts the thread of life.

Dizia a lenda que a Deusa Leoa Sekmet, após ter dizimado parte da humanidade, fora apaziguada e se transformara numa gata mansa.