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Hijikata and Chizuru kiss gif

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Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania anime chizuru and kazama

Esto se prendio mushoo yaoiiii ♡♡


Im sitting here like. When did I start shipping. I fucking live this😍😍😍😍

You know an anime is good if you get pissed off along with the characters, when this happened I was angry. Fairy Tail is one anime that I feel like the characters have become my family  so when they are hurt I am so sad. Fairy tail is one anime you can't go without watching if you feel the same repin this! Fairy Tail for life

OMG look at erza and grays mad face especially natsu<<<< Well duh Natsu loves her! Of course he's mad as hell!

// Saito Hajime x Chizuru // Hakuouki //

// Saito Hajime x Yukimura Chizuru // Hakuouki //

This scene is so heart pounding

Kamisama Kiss // Nanami x Tomoe Season 2 // I'm gonna cry from the happiness exploding out of me from this entire season!

I cried during this moment!

Hijikata Toshizou and Yukimura Chizuru

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Several Shades of Sadism

12 Anime Characters With Amazing Eyes

12 Anime Characters With Amazing Eyes

Yato's eyes are the prettiest, sexiest damn things ive ever seen<<< they're my favourite set of eyes in the univers