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Craving more? Like what you see? ➡ Queen♚fσℓℓσω мє fσя мσяє ρσρριи ριиѕ ❥ - I love sunsets.

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Have you ever had a day when you're so furious, so consumed with boiling rage and frustration that you look at your partner and think 'why d.

A moment ago you were talking about another girl, and ik you don't like her but I was thinking, what would I do if I lost you? You mean so much to me, you're the reason I look forward to tomorrow, talking to you and reading your sweet pins.  I don't like thinking about it so can we please save each other?:) I love you so incredibly much, you mean the world to me.

❝ Anna ninphomaniac Jansen, I dare you to take the virginity of Shawn… # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad

Nothing silhouettes til the lights come on #love #sky #outside

"Well, what are you waiting for? We're going to dance." His smile was so genuine and young, shining at me through the dark from the driver's side of his car. He turned up the John Mayer cover of To.