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Oml, me trying to get to my fridge at night

This truth kills me every time I am the "tooth fairy". Truly one of the most stressful times of my life.

Ha.ha.ha . I love stupid but funny puns

You Just Realized.Cereal drowns in milk; therefore, milk is a cereal killer.

When people ask me if I like someone and I say I no I always blush and laugh even if I don't like someone. And then they don't believe me so I have to say someone's name who is somewhat attractive and that's it.


Hahaha this is so true i always laugh cuz I think it's funny when people think I'm the one who has something that they think I took just becuase i smile lol

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You Just Realized

You just realized Heimlich (the caterpillar from "A Bug's Life") became "a beautiful butterfly" by eating everything in sight.

I straiten my hair everyday  so of you see me with curly, just know it's special

Haha so true most people with curly straighten it everday anyway. I have naturally straight hair. I JUST found a curler to actually curl my hair and make it stay!

U just realized

You Just Realized. When you're stressed, you eat ice cream, cake, chocolate and sweets. Because stressed spelled backwards is desserts.

Not all things under a pin was written by the person who posted it on their board. Assuming makes YOU the crazy one.


Great collection of love quotes, best life quotes, quotations, cute life quotes, and sad life Unfortunately the pinned quote resonates too well with me.

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I sleep too much, parents complain. Don't get enough sleep, parents complain. I eat too much, parents complain. I don't eat enough, parents complain.

I love reading these, they're sooo hilarious!!! My sister walked into the room and I immediately burst out laughing at one of them (I don't even know which) and she kinda just walked away and I don't know what she wanted but hey I avoided a conversation. Good one, me.

Long Tumblr post, but it's very funny

Swiper no swiping! I just woke my hubby up, because I was laughing so damn hard about swiper!