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~Freedom~ | Wolf Pup by kingarfer on Flickr.

~Freedom~ | Wolf Pup by kingarfer on Flickr.

I have a wolf jus like this but has more grey in the face

"And der was a weally big monster mama.

today was a good day i saw wolves

Wolves - gorgeous, cute, sweet...... Why do they have to be so mean?

On slivers tail) weeks💦female💦alphas pup. Next to slivers muzzle) weeks💦female💦alphas pup. On slivers stomach) weeks💦male💦alphas pup.

God, please help the people to understand and respect the value of ALL life.

Randy is just a cool guy. He mostly always is calm under pressure which makes for a great alpha. Once you get to know him you find he is more than a pretty boy he is an effective leader and a great friend.