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O homem vive a infância inteira sem poder brincar com bonecas, mas quando cresce, ele brinca com as verdadeiras bonecas. As pessoas.   Eu não sou uma boneca, não sou um divertimento no qual você …

Creepy Doll: chunk out of eye + cracking and scratched surface + gray-ivory skin…


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If nobody gives a fuck then stop acting like they do.    If you’re slaving your guts out and not one person says thank-you then just stop.  If nobody gives a fuck then you’re free to be you.    Totally, absolutely, completely, madly, passionately, chaotically you.    ~Katie Paul

The sublime paradox of 'Nobody Gives a Fuck'

An idea to put on the flier or ticket could be a broken doll head. This resembles the broken family and the loss of their child

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This is the head of the Billy ventriloquist doll used in the horror film Dead Silence. The head can be seen throughout the film as Mary Shaw takes revenge on the people who murdered her, using her d .

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One out of the small series I took of myself on Febuary I was watchinf dead silence and frankly, I was inspired to do a small series of doll p.


History of the Necronomicon

Creepy-Ass Dolls by Stacey Brooks - okay she looks really pissed off due to crack in her head.

Mr Farcquar

Mr Farcquar