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Birthday Mermaid with Balloons

♥ This is absolutely beautiful ♥ Mermaid with Goldfish Balloons by MissTakArt.deviantart - I would love to have as a tattoo


Mermaids are the humans of the sea // mother mermaid and baby mermaid

I've loved this painting for years and would love to place it some where in my home. Possibly a bathroom.

This is one of my favorite art prints! Metamorphosis Art Print by Sheila Wolk

art-of-cg-girls: “by Yang xiao tiao ”

Mermaids Fantasy art ( Sirènes/Mermaids/Sirenas) By 羊小跳

Will you be a tangerine mermaid or an indigo one? Find out in this quiz!

The Rescue

The Rescue (Finished) by artybel - "Here's my interpretation of the moment at which The Little Mermaid rescues her prince. Watercolour, gouache and white ink. You can see the steps by which I made this painting here.

A Trick Of The Light - Love Is Illusion Painting by Marco Busoni - A Trick Of The Light - Love Is Illusion Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

Saatchi Online Artist: Marco Busoni Painting "a trick of the light" Mermaid Energy is a favorite theme we all share, and is a particular favorite of Judy's.

Moonlit Siren

Comment who you'd like to be: mermaid, fairy, nymph, goddess, princess or enchantress. Moonlit Siren by Lindsay Rapp

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I've loved this drawing for a couple years now. And I love how the artist made…

70 Stunning Fantasy Arts

girl in jelly fish bubble art

MERMAID: Based on ancient myths in India, Greece, Syria, Africa and other parts of the world. Seen by some cultures as sea goddesses, these seductive beings guarded treasures, frightened travelers, and were eventually featured in alchemy and other occult practices as well as in fairy tales. German legends describe a mystical Nixie -- a fish-tailed female water spirits, daughter of "Mother Night."

Adult Coloring Page - In love with mermaid sketches!

31 Really Cool Mermaid Tattoos

31 Really Cool Mermaid Tattoos

Mermaid scale tattoo somewhere like legs and/or feet

Martinique Fisher lion fish mermaid

Lionfish Mermaid Print by SodomAndGomorrah on Etsy

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Little Sea Horse and Mermaid- Kei Acedera. I like this for a tattoo.

Mermaid and Angel by Selina Fenech

Fairy and fantasy art images, fairy pictures & drawings, flower and butterfly illustrations from Fairies World. Fairies World, Fairy & Fantasy Art Gallery - Selina Fenech/Impossible Love©

Dorothy Lathrop ||| sternum underbust rib tattoo woman hair water mermaid nymph vintage illustration golden age

dorothy lathrop

Dorothy Lathrop from Three Mulla-Mulgars