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Uma Mandala.. Dois nenéns <3

So cute. Someday I will look like this couple..with a bearded hottie

Haventale: the opposite of underfell-- and the cutest AU ever because everyone is loving and sweet and just wants to help.-- Have just been warned that Haventale might actually be a dystopia posing as a utopia and took a look at the two ghosts who suffer the most from gender dysphoria in canon. Now I'm concerned.

23 Spectacular Examples of Street Art for 2013

Street art in Paris.. Heidi note: another kind of "boat" illustration. contrast the two (pinned moments ago) and come up with your own

London-based Maternity Worldwide, works to ensure safe births and increased maternal health in developing countries. If you would like to ‘Save a Life This Christmas’, consider the alternative Christmas gift of a Safe Birth Certificate for $24 and $81 for an emergency delivery for a mother in sub Saharan Africa.

How does a lie become a truth? How does a person become brainwashed and indoctrinated and lose consciousness of reality? Why do thinkers believe in utopias and fantasies about classless societies that eliminate crime, poverty, and avarice? Why do ideologues imagine that there is no Mother Nature or God the Father who create and establish …

Modern China depicted as colorful, communist paradise by North Korean propaganda artists

Modern China depicted as colorful, communist paradise by North Korean propaganda artists | The Verge

Magic of books

Equals (2015)

Iguais Poster

Dublin Castle

This isn't how you'd imagine a castle in the traditional sense. There's no moat, no drawbridge to lower against invading hordes, no turrets from which to pour boiling oil. It's more a collection of 18th-century administrative buildings, albeit fine ones, built on a medieval plan of two courtyards. Dublin Castle hosts grand diplomatic or state functions, and occasional performances like concert recitals. The beautiful interior is accessible on a pay-per-view basis, but you can wander freely…