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Gigantopithecus: 3m ape lived to 100kya

Gigantopithecus is a supposed, extinct ape species. Could it be that descendants of this species still roam remote areas of the world?

Amphicyon ingens  Prehistoric "bear dog" based on a mount at the AMNH.  by viergacht.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Amphicyon ingens Prehistoric "bear dog" based on a mount at the AMNH


Mammal diversity exploded immediately after dinosaur extinction


Dinosaur ( kinda the biggest ( bird LIKE creature / or bat like flying creature…


Prehistoric giraffe - Bramatherium by Willem van der Merwe



Inostrancevia, not a dinosaur, but a gorgonopsid: known individuals have total body lengths reaching 11'-6"/ long narrow skulls up to 24" long. The canine teeth were strongly developed w/those in the upper jaw up to 5.9" long, the root corresponding to half its length. Their bodies were slender, w/rather short legs. N Russia in the late Permian, 260-254 Ma ago. It is known from several skulls & 2 almost complete skeletons

From the 1999 Age of Reptiles Calender. Inostrancevia is a mammal/reptile thing, not a dino and pretty super-cool, as long as you're not at the wrong end of those sabers. Inostrancevia not a

Emela-ntouka is a Central African giant elephant-killing beast with a huge horn like a rhino. It makes a terrible snort/growl noise

Rampaging Ntouka Monster from Guild Wars Nightfall. The Emela-ntouka is an African legendary creature in the mythology of the Pygmy tribes, and a cryptid purported to live in Central Africa. Its name means "killer of the elephants"

Paraceratherium reconstruction

- Dinosauri in carne ed ossa al Parco di Monza: Foto Evento