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Raphael Soyer, Self Portrait

Self-Portrait by Raphael Soyer American (mutualart)

Milton Avery, Portrait of Raphael Soyer on ArtStack #milton-avery #art

Milton Avery, Portrait of Raphael Soyer on ArtStack

Raphael Soyer, askart.com

Raphael Soyer, askart.com

RAPHAEL SOYER 1899 - 1987 Young Woman In Purple

Artist from Sweden

raphael soyer -

raphael soyer -

Rafael Soyer

Raphael Soyer, a Russian-born painter who moved to the Bronx in stuck to the social realist style of painting popular at the turn of the…

Mario Eloy - Self-Portrait, c.1936-39

Self-Portrait Artist: Mario Eloy Completion Date: 1939 Style: Expressionism Genre: self-portrait

Raphael Soyer: "From all that I have seen, I am more than ever convinced that art must communicate, and it must represent, describe and express people, their lives and times."

Self-Portrait, In the Studio by Raphael Soyer American (mutualart)

El Hurgador [Arte en la Red]: 01/01/2014 - 02/01/2014

Self Portrait in the second year of the war. 1941 by Raphael Soyer (Russian/American 1899 – oil on canvas VIA 15 by 10 in.

Milton Avery (American: 1885–1965) | Untitled (Self Portrait) 1935

Self Portrait, Milton Avery

Office Girls (1936) by Raphael Soyer (1899-1987), Russian-born American - was a Social Realist painter - (poboh)

Raphael Soyer / Office Girls / 1936 / Oil on canvas

The Artist's Parents. Raphael Soyer

Raphael Soyer, The Artist’s Parents, 1932

bofransson:    Moses Soyer (1899-1974) Cynthia

Moses Soyer - Cynthia, 1954 Oil on canvas, 30 x 24 in. (Russian born American social realist )via Christie's

portrait of Caitlin Macnamara dated 1930 by Welsh painter Augustus John (Oil on canvas, Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales) my granddaughter's namesake Caitlin Thomas (1913-1994), née Macnamara, was the wife of the poet and writer Dylan Thomas. Their marriage was a stormy affair, fueled by alcohol and infidelity. After her husband's death Thomas wrote the book Leftover Life to Kill, an account of her self-exile to Italy.

Caitlin Thomas, wife of Dylan, by Welsh artist Augustus Edwin John

Square With Flair: Pietro Annigoni Paints Sonja Bata, and Vice Versa, Part I

Pietro Annigoni , portrait of Sonja Bata , oil on board, 1963 This year is the centenary of t.

Фаюмские портреты: 20 тыс изображений найдено в Яндекс.Картинках

Fayum mummy portraitPortrait of young woman century C.