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Pink Blossoms of Japanese Wagashi Sweet Perfection - 八重桜 Double cherry blossoms

Imagen de japan and sweets

Japanese Wagashi Cakes with Matcha Tea|和菓子. Japanese desserts are so pretty!

gelatina artistica

Totally Awesome and appears to be easy! A bit of practice for perfection though. Video is in Russian but turn on closed caption and adjust language setting. Not a great interpretation but you can get the gist of it.

Pasteles japones

Japanese sweets (AKA my guilty pleasure).definitely a love-hate relationship

파리지앵 푸치 에끌레어

Parisian Pooch Eclairs from Pretty Patisserie by Makiko Searle. These sweet sausage dogs are perfect for parties!

beautifully detailed japanese sweets in a box


Japanese sweets / Wa・Bi・Sa

【ELLE gourmet】「Wa・Bi・Sa」の「ふんわりチーズケーキ」|エル・オンライン

Wagashi. Japanese sweet.

日本人のおやつ♫(^ω^) Traditional Japanese Sweets 春の和菓子:芍薬 Wagashi. Oh, how beautiful they make their foods!