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I'm Laura and I love Halloween. Here you will find Halloween, autumn, horror, and spooky things posted year round!

This is my perfect description

Lol so me! Everybody says that i talk too fast so to all of those people who say that. Looks like u just can't think is fast as me lol

Heart leaves wallpaper

Autumn is the season for many simple enjoyments such as finally getting to wear your favorite sweater and drinking your favorite cup of coffee/cocoa. But most of all, autumn is full of breathtaking fall foliage.

(1) The Blue Rocket

As was once said 😮 stupid is as stupid dose "


yep, smiling on the E outside, but you'd better watch that silent N . it'll get you every time ~ 36 Funny Quotes And Sayings

Kind of goes with whiners - just get on with life!

"Haud Yer Weesht An' Get Oan Wae It". Humorous Scottish version of Keep Calm & Carry On.

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Growing old is hard work.the mind days "yes" but the body says "what the hell are you thinking"?