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Choi Minho

Choi Minho That smile


The smile that stole my heart.


Minho being a cutie


Darn you SHINee and your Minho Here's the man who owns my heart (at least for this month xD)


Choi Minho stahp being so perrrrrfect.

Sądzę, że opis jest tu zbędny XD #losowo # Losowo # amreading # books # wattpad

Reakcje Kpop

He sure likes doing that to kill all of his fans XD

One of the two sides og minho: motherf***ing sexy beast

Choi Min Ho, Minho, Shinee, Kpop


Parece que ele tá falando oi baby



Choi Minho, love his lips.

Choi Minho, love his lips.

Choi Minho *sigh* so handsome

Choi Minho *sigh* so handsome


Prince charMING says hello hehe.

just for the record.... i saw him chasing seagulls in a park in vancouver

just for the record. i saw him chasing seagulls in a park in vancouver

official translation: andew is shooting its 2017 f/w commercial! dazzling minho is here to greet you 😄 please look forward to the f/w visuals as well!

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