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Panturrilha no hack 4x20 + panturrilha sentada 3x40 + adutora 3x15

stiff on hack machine

@getbodiedby_j's photo: "In Case some of you missed this because of other reasons here's the lesson here this is a Hack Squat machine this is reverse hack squat that focuses on form back abs and especially glutes !!!! quads etc I did 4 sets starting with 20-15-12-10 reps lowest weight highest rep heaviest weight lowest rep I Started with 50 LBS . Then I did it forward the regular way for 4 sets same way from highest to lowest rep ending at my heaviest weight which was somewhere in the 100'$…

Top left on leg hamstring extension start moderate to heavy I started at 25LBS starting at 20reps go up in weight every set -ended at 42LBS - TOP RIGHT hack squats I started with 50 LBS ended at 200LBS -BOTTOM LEFT reverse hack squats started with 50 LBS ended 225LBS - BOTTOM RIGHT Deadlifts started with 60LBS ended with 110LBS also did hamstring curls ALL SETS WARM UP 20 reps ended with 5-10 reps ! Start at the weight YOU…

abd 10x15 2 second stopping. lateral elastic 3x50. 3x15 lunges on bench