ahh i love youuu

ahh i love youuu

darn you for being so wildly attractive

ryan gosling he is one cute critter:)

Sat through Social Network the first time going, "STFU Zuckerberg! Give your hot friend more screen time."

Top 50 Hottest Jewish Men of 2013 - Andrew Garfield

Don't these make you smile.

Ryan Gosling "Hey Girl," Loved him in "The Notebook"

Ryan Goslin

Little Jimmy's Girl: Crazy Stupid Style- Ryan Gosling


Oh Nate I love you! I miss gossip girl!

get ittt

gossip girl, nate and Chace Crawford image on We Heart It

Alex Pettyfer - Google Search

Alex Pettyfer: Christian Grey "Fifty Shades of Grey"

Jesse Williams- such beautiful eyes!

Jesse Williams in John Varvatos' 8th Annual Stuart House Benefit - Red Carpet

jesse williams AKA jackson avery, love his eyes.

Ryan Gosling open henley necklace accessory headshot

LA native Michael Jason Enriquez has taken well known celebrities and give them a make over, Chola style!This throw back to the subculture involves plenty of sharpie eyebrows, dark lip-liner, and facial and neck tattoos is simply fantastic

so FINE. Emile Hirsch.

Emile Hirsch ❤️ marry me baby Leo!

Yes, I know it's Ryan Gosling and I love him. But look at that little girl's dress!

faith wladyka and ryan gosling Harvey. Men with children is always cute. Ryan Gosling with children is just amazing!

Neuroscience Ryan Gosling!

This may be my favorite Hey Girl ever. Combines a great quote, Ryan Gosling, and hips.

Tellec (Tell) Arthur Finnley, age 18 (Moirai)

Dear Rupert i'v only liked one red haired guy and that is you

Pettyfer with a beard= 5000 times hotter...... just sayin

Alex Pettyfer reminds me so much of my matty :)

....no words man....Bradley Cooper.

The Best Hairstyles of Bradley Cooper

oh man, bradley cooper can work a red bow tie haha