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廓文章より夕霧。坂東玉三郎 Kabuki actor Tamasaburo Bando

坂東玉三郎₍Bando Tamasaburo as 夕霧 He is already nearly AMAZING.One of the gratest kabuki actor.

《人间国宝》Bando Tamasburo患有小儿麻痹,为了康复训练而自幼学习歌舞伎表演,才华尽显,终成坂东玉三郎五代目。被称日本的人间国宝。此外,他还有一位终身御用摄影师——筱山纪信。他崇拜梅兰芳,把昆曲和歌舞伎融合在一起,颇受好

Bando Tamasburo, male kabuki legend: photo by Kishin Shinoyama 坂東玉三郎(人間国宝)

BandoTamasaburo 坂東玉三郎

BandoTamasaburo 坂東玉三郎

make tea, not love

Fujimusume, or the Wisteria Maiden is a kabuki dance sequence. There is no particular plot, as the music and the dance describe the feelings of a young enamoured maiden, who is in fact a spirit of the.