-Moroccan lanterns.<3

ledecorquejadore: Turkish lamp with glass pendants (via Ottoman Chandelier ♥ | Charming Detail (dekorasyon))

With these detailed Tantallon Lanterns #anthroregistry - anthropologie.com

Desejo a você tudo de bom e lindo que a noite puder te oferecer... a começar pelos sonhos... Luandrade

My first memory is of light… the brightness of light… light all around.” ~ Georgia O’Keefe

Hangzhou, China lanterns --------- #china #chinese

Lanternas - Velas - Lantern


Morocco’s old world eclecticism and dye-drenched hues of a sunnier disposition add a bit of warmth and interest where ever you need it. Moroccan flare can come in the shape of a fantastically silhouetted hanging lantern with fun geometric cut outs.

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