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A intervenção arqueológica que decorreu no "Edifício Mabor", situado na zona ribeirinha de Portimão, é o mote de mais uma…

From World War II to Vietnam and Syria, drugs are often as much a part of conflict as bombs and bullets.

The ancient angler's tools were found on the tiny Okinawa Island between Japan and Taiwan where early modern humans are said to have lived nearly 30,000 years ago

Robotic submarines and ‘internet of underwater things’ to transform hunt for sunken cities and ancient shipwrecks

Archaeologists exploring the enigmatic Teutonic fort also found projectiles used by the Mamluk invaders, as well as the Crusaders' arrows.

These rare historical photos finally provide a look at landmark events you didn't know were even photographed like this in the first place.

This short documentary remembers the paleoanthropologist Mary Leakey, who discovered footprints of human ancestors on the African savanna.

The legacy of the Crusades in contemporary Muslim world

An Iranian archaeologist has discovered what he believes could be some of the oldest rock etchings on the planet. The markings, which have only been seen by a few people, were discovered by Dr Mohammed Naserifard among a rock formation outside the town of Khomeyn in western Iran. The professor believes etchings found at the top of an untouched hillside could be tens of thousands of years old.

We are living in the Anthropocene age, in which human influence on the planet is so profound – and terrifying – it will leave its legacy for millennia. Politicians and scientists have had their say, but how are writers and artists responding to this crisis?

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