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Papa João XXI. O português mais poderoso de sempre antes de Guterres

Pedro Hispano foi o português com mais poder no mundo antes de Guterres chegar à ONU. O historiador Armando Norte, que acaba de publicar a biografia do único Papa português, conta-nos a história.

Humans on Okinawa since 35,000 YA. Previously thought to have lived spartan lives, now it appears they did just fine with fish and crustaceans. I'm not sure why this is surprising. Maybe the enduring misconception that life before agriculture and civilization was just scraping by.

Sir David Attenborough narrates this violent and bloody natural history video recording the disturbing scenes of a real Chimpanzee territorial attack. Truly ...

HITTITE EMPIRE | 5 ancient sites of the Hittite Empire: Alacahöyük

New technologies bring marine archaeology treasures to light

Robotic submarines and ‘internet of underwater things’ to transform hunt for sunken cities and ancient shipwrecks

Pay dirt: UC archaeologists uncover a warrior’s tomb in Greece that sat undisturbed for 35 centuries.

In this episode of the podcast we’ll take a look at the notorious Paneb. Accused of theft, assault and rape (to name a few charges), Paneb’s story gives us a window into corruption and …

Agriculture 7,000 years ago slowed natural cooling process of global climateCambodian farmers planting rice. Image: Brad Collis (CC BY 2.0)

Genevieve von Petzinger: Why are these 32 symbols found in ancient caves all over Europe? | TED Talk |

Who invented clothes? A Palaeolithic archaeologist answers

Becky Wragg Sykes: Hadley Freeman's answer to the question was chiffon-flimsy, so here's the lab-coat response