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Jean Dieuzaide, Maternity, Viera de Leira, 1954

#Native American Men, David Midthunder*

♥ Remember to love yourself. Jesus said to love others as you love yourself, not to love others instead of yourself......

The Children of Fatima: Jacinta, Francisco and Lucia Who Saw the Vision of Fatima, 1917, in Portugal

Dancing! You can tell who the 'leader will be' lol

Become this character for the next 12 minutes, and WRITE A THOUGHTSHOT that would let readers know what caused you to react the way you did when the photo was taken. **Common Core State Standards W3, L6 (character reflection, tone) Lesson link (Photo source link provided below)

Maria Severa, who lived in Lisbon in early 19th century was the first Fadista in Portugal to be acclaimed as a Fado performer. She is sometimes accredited with not just the popularity but also the origin of Fado music. She was a prostitute that sang fado and also played the Portugese Guitar. Severa has been uplifted to mythical proportions, and there are plays, musicals written about her life; including the first sound movie in Portugal in 1931. Severa died when she was only 26.