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Rosehip Cypress Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream

Rosehip Cypress Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream- DIY Essential Oil skin care- Rosehip for anti-aging and Cypress for tightening. I saw results in 1 week. Before and After pics in the post!

Lack of motivation, exhausted, overly stressed, frustrated...feeling like your hearts just not "in it" anymore?? You might be feeling BURNT OUT! I can relate, I have been there. I have found that these oils together can really help to overcome those feelings, and guide your mind and heart back to excitement and motivation. I usually layer them. (If you happen to have Rose essential oil, add that to the mix too!) Happy Monday everyone! ✌️ #doterra #essentialoils #burnout #motivation

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DIY Body Butter using essential oils


Just whipped up another bottle of my most awesome eye makeup remover. Great use for your essential oils!

essential oil uses chart. I'm using essential oils in scrubs, lotions and deodorant so I will be referring to this often!

You guys have to try this one!!! ❤️ I'm kind of obsessed with it this week. Who couldn't use a little more positive energy in their life?! This is the perfect blend to promote and maintain just that! Mix up and apply behind the ears and over heart. 2 drops ELEVATION 2 drops HAWAIIAN SANDALWOOD 1 drop CYPRESS Tag a friend who might need some positive vibes! ✌️

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Top 10 Scented DIY Bath Salts

Top 10 Scented DIY Bath Salts order your oils so you can create these lovely Bath salts!

Yesterday was a little rough for me. There were a few things that happened leaving me feeling a little insecure, stressed, and a tad overwhelmed. I could feel my negative thoughts starting to take over and it didn't feel good. So I turned to my oils. These 3 in particular. So grateful for them. ❤️ •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• There are some things we simply have no control over, and stressing, or worrying about those things will honestly just make us sick. The good…

Tips for BAKING with essential oils