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atividades de leitura para 3o ano do ensino fundamental - Pesquisa Google

Trabalhando com gráficos - Giselma Cardoso - Álbuns da web do Picasa

R. Buckminster Fuller: Conceptuality of Fundamental Structures from Structure in Art and in Science, edited by Gyorgy Kepes, George Braziller, NY, 1965 (Vision + Value Series)

OTL AICHER (1922-1991). Diseñador gráfico y tipógrafo alemán. Junto con Max Bill y un grupo de intelectuales crean la Hochschule für Gestaltung, que se convertiría en uno de los centros de educación en diseño líderes en Alemania entre los años 1953 y 1968, y que a diferencia de la Escuela de la Bauhaus descartó el arte y la exaltación de la forma por si misma de sus aulas, y se consagró a la función y a la inserción del diseño como factor fundamental en el mundo industrial.

Using experimental, analogue-based photographic techniques such as colour separation filters, multiple exposures, dark slides and in-camera masking Jessica Eaton builds images on sheets of 4×5 film that address fundamental properties of photography such as light, chance, duration, illusion and spatial relations.

Edward C. Monaghan - New York Times Artwork to accompany an article on alchemy in the New York Times. The article explores the potential for drug development to undergo a fundamental change in research and development, a change as grand as the ideas inherent in alchemy.

The newest episode of “Awakenings” reveals what I call the greatest health conspiracy of all time: the institutionalized effort prevent you from realizing that you are born with all the programming you need to create perfect health and even heal yourself of deadly disease. Even though this universal, fundamental truth...More

This digital download is used as a supplement for the Montessori presentation on The Fundamental Needs of People. The blank web-style graphic organizer allows students to focus their study of a new culture or group of people. Squares can be filled with student drawings, key words, or sentences.This material is aimed at lower elementary students, but could be useful for upper elementary research as well.

Elementary particles have a fundamental property called 'spin' that determines how they align in a magnetic field. MIT researchers have created a new physical system in which atoms with clockwise spin move in only one direction, while atoms with counterclockwise spin move in the opposite direction. Graphic: Christine Daniloff

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