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Assassin's creed Syndicate Stores, Olivier  TREHET on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/assassin-s-creed-syndicate-stores

Assassin's creed Syndicate Stores by Olivier TREHET on ArtStation.

bioshock infinite building - Google 검색

Calen Brait worked on BioShock Infinite for five years as lead modeler. Amongst his other roles, he got to engage in some digital architecture and.

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im working a script to help export out levels to UDK thru Maya. It is set up to be modular.

Environment artist Raphael Tavares gave a little glimpse into the production of the 'Old Victorian Room'.

Based on a room in Chatot de la Foret in Belgium. This project was done in unreal. Many thanks to my wife, Clinton Crumpler and Rogelio Olguin for helping me achieve this vision.

bioshock infinite building - Google 검색

[Portfolio] Calen Brait - Lead Modeler Bioshock Infinite - Page 3 - Polycount Forum

The Order 1886: Whitechapel area -Julien Lefebvre- , julien Lefebvre on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/the-order-1886-whitechapel-area-julien-lefebvre-1042fdf3-38e7-43b9-a7a7-9bbd6ae63c47

ArtStation - The Order Whitechapel area -Julien Lefebvre- , julien Lefebvre


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Blood & Wine Concept Art by Andrzej Dybowski

ArtStation - Homefront: The Revolution Environment Art, Max Mead

Some of the areas that i worked on as an environment artist with the very talented team at Dambuster Studios. I was lucky enough to be responsible for the opening section of the game amongst other areas. Assets and Props to respective owners.

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Here you can see an idea of a building i could place on my street for idea one as i want buildings with ladders as well as stairs so enemies can enter and exit at different points which would look great in my environment.