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Formações geológicas bizarras -Cavernas de mármore do Chile

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The Marble Caves is geological formation of unusual beauty. These caves have formed in a pure marble and are bathed in the deep blue water of General Carrera Lake. Chile, the Marble Caves are some of the most impressive attractions of Patagonia.

Carrera Lake (Lake Buenos Aires), Santa Cruz, Argentina

Marble Cave, Chile Chico, Chile – The most spectacular caves network in the world and this Marble Cathedral is absolutely magnificent. It’s located in Patagonia, Chile on the second largest freshwater lake in South America, General Carrera.

Marble Caverns @ Patagonia, Chile - http://www.thefancy.com/things/265726187/Marble-Caverns-%40-Patagonia%2C-Chile

Cavernas de Marmol - Patagonia Chilena By Noelegro — Get more great picz at Heart Touching images

Marble caves of Patagonia

Marble Caves at General Carrera Lake in Patagonia (Argentina and Chile).

Marble Cave in Lake General Carrera (called so on the Chilean side), or Lake Buenos Aires (called on the Argentine side) -- a lake located in the Patagonia and shared by Argentina and Chile. Both names are internationally accepted.

Marble Cave is located on Lake General Carrera Buenos Aires Patagonia, Chile.

Catedrales de mármol- Lago General Carrera en la Patagonia que comparten Argentina y Chile

Catedrales de mármol- Lago General Carrera en la Patagonia que comparten Argentina y Chile

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Marble Cave, Chile Six thousand years of wave erosion created the undulating patterns that give these caves their marbleized effect, enhanced by the reflection of the blue and green water of Carrera Lake, near Chile’s border with Argentina.