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The Flintstones (Los picapiedra) 1960

The Flinstones was relateable with modern problems, but solved with Stone Age solutions. People understood why Fred Flinstone forgot his and his wive's wedding anniversary, but found humor in his Stone Age solution to the modern-day problem.

Max Wright, Anne Schedeen. One starry night in 1986, the Tanner family get an unexpected houseguest-a furry, four-foot-high Alien Life Form" t...

ALF - Season One - Adrienne Armstrong

Created by Tom Patchett, Paul Fusco. With Mihaly 'Michu' Meszaros, Paul Fusco, Max Wright, Anne Schedeen. A furry alien wiseguy comes to live with a terran family after crashing into their garage.


Classic: A scene from the Wizard of Oz with Dorothy, the Tin Woodman and Scarecrow as played by actors Judy Garland, Jack Haley and Ray Bolger

Actor Larry Hagman

Who shot J. from the final scene of the season of Dallas, the character J. Ewing (Larry Hagman), was shot by an unseen assailant.

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4 revistas antiguas El pajaro Loco Tom y Jerry Gasparin La Pantera Rosa

4 revistas antiguas El pajaro Loco Tom y Jerry Gasparin La Pantera Rosa

Loved all these shows, including salute your shorts and hey dude among others lol!!

Old school Nickelodeon - Legends of the hidden temple was my fav.

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