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America is not a country. United States is the name you're looking for. America is a fucking continent. I live in America too, and I'm brazilian. Stop saying it is a country.

Swapping Partner… couple jokes

Swapping Partner… couple jokes

Thank you for german lol

Nice try, German… //// whoever posted this last. its 'Nice try Germany.' not 'nice try german.


Funny pictures about Difference Between Music Genres. Oh, and cool pics about Difference Between Music Genres. Also, Difference Between Music Genres.

If countries were classmates

If countries were classmates

I'd date England, hang out with Australia and get America to beat up China if he refused to do my homework.<<<< I'd date Australia, hang out with New Zealand and Canada and maybe China if he wasn't stuck up XD

Oh geez lol <--- And now a word from our sponsors. You open your eyes. You're in a dimly lit room. With tables. The smell of food is heavy in the air. After adjusting your eyes, you realize where you are. You are in America's Diner. The waitstaff seem tired. Maybe even lifeless. There is a large plate of breakfast in front of you. And it keeps multiplying. You have no idea how you got here. What were you don't before this? Where were you? No one knows. Dennys. America's Favorite Diner.

Has anyone actually ever been to a Denny's

Denny's is a gross combination of other fast food restaurants that should have been out of business by now.

This patriot who understands how the world works: | 31 American Patriots Who Overdosed On Freedom #soccer

This patriot who understands how the world works:

"Hey no offence to England, buy why are you guys so bad at soccer?" "*Football" "It's called soccer when America wins more games than you"

Are we really the only ones with cafeterias? No, mine has one but you had to pay extra for the food there. Plus easy faster to get someone to drive out and get food

They exist in Denmark too. But we have healthy filling food and the students help cleaning the tables and put up the chairs so that the lunch ladies can have a break from making us great food<<<<<<<< that sounds like the best cafeteria ever

This is too funny

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The world can be so nice sometimes.

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Well it's like a national anthem, sort of, we do the same thing in Canada just with music, it's no different.<<<<actually at one of my old schools the made us do the pledge of allegiance AND THE ANTHEM. Plus we say our state pledge too.

Oh look at all this tea

Oh Mah Gawd XD "were to*PAUSE*happen." JUST NU XD I imagine this as a conversation between Tom Hiddleston and someone, that have taken his precious tea.

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My favorite being: "Why do asians speak the ching chong language" "This is why Americans hate Americans"