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Tumblr cria gifs das Princesas da Disney como sereias

As animações são tão reais que todas parecem estar no mundo da Ariel

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O GIF não está morto

Rémedio para mal humor

"Be patient...I know some of you are wondering, 'how long must I wait?' My answer...stop watching the clock. Everything seems to take longer when you're watching the clock. Just do you and before you know it, it'll be your time." -Mr. Amari Soul "Reflections Of A Man" is now available on Amazon!

Meme-jacking.  Kind of a genius creative idea - and if you're in the right industry, it might work for you.What's a meme?"A meme is quite simply a concept, behavior, or idea that spreads, usually via the internet. Memes most commonly manifest themselves in a visual such as a picture or a video, but it can also take the form of a link, hashtag, a simple word or phrase (e.g. an intentional misspelling), etc.How do you meme-jack?  Read on for specific, insightful advice and even pointers to…

As Christians, there are so many things (countless infact) that we can be thankful for. For me, one of the greatest blessings I've ever received from God is the changed person that I am today. Actually scratch that. I am thankful for the brand new person I am today. God isn't just in the business of changing people. No! When we are in Christ, our old self is put to death and we are born again - completely new and different people with not a hint of our former selves in us. And for this, I am…

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O brasileiro está dormindo mal. O resultado: Ansiedade e depressão

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