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Maquiagem conceitual com amarelo, laranja e pink.

Maquiagem conceitual com amarelo, laranja e pink.

Already pinned but would be cool with a censored stamp over mouth and pixelated edges...

I am interested in Fashion Photography and Hair and Make up design and geometrics could be used within make up for a Fashion Shoot. This monochrome make up makes the models eyes look pixelated so maybe a black outline will sharpen the design.

Magnum Ice-Cream

Introducing Karla Powell Makeup Artist's look inspired by Magnum White. Cool, classic and delightfully elegant!

Halloween makeup ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring beauty products and makeup

Some sort of lilac-tree-nymph-ish look. second pic [link] Looks like a twin makeup of Jellyfish [link] Lilac Tree I

.Make up Art

Possible Products: Superstar/Snazaroo Black and Gold paints and Eyeshadow Pros: Builds Character Cons: Heavy makeup around the eyes. Pros: Striking and eye catching Cons: May draw attention away from the other characters

Shiny fragile

Forget the mask! Use your makeup to do the work by adding layers of color, glitter and sequins around the eyes. You'll knock 'em dead for sure!

Subtle glossy make up

Got Wimpy, Weak, Splitting, Peeling nails? The Product That Has Changed My Life


Pamella - Model Hallie - This is just inspiration, I am thinking a very bold face mask but not a full mask on Hallie. MakeUp- Jeweled Glitter Eyes' - Red Lips - Ice queen don't really like the eye brows


Nude face make up with extremely bright red/orange/yellow shaded eyes very good for fall 2014

beautiful make-up

White eyeshadow creating a stunning visual effect around the piercing blue eyes, very owl like. Makeup Artist: Brian Dean Photographer: Natalia Borecka love the hair too