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Battle of the Bulge 1940s style. --  You Tube Video.

War Archives - a dedicated military history channel from British Pathé. From the Boer War to the Cold War, via two world wars, British Pathé captured many of.


Memes about the advanced placement exams turned up on social media recently. Do they break the rules or do they highlight a deeper issue of inequality?

First trimester food – Which Food to Eat & Avoid

Foods to avoid during pregnancy including a variety of raw foods, certain fish, and soft cheeses. Learn more about which foods to avoid.

Cake Wrecks - Home - The Cake That Started It All..."...And underneath that, write 'We will miss you'. Got it?"    Oh yeah, they got it.

Bestseller books online Cake Wrecks: When Professional Cakes Go Hilariously Wrong Jen Yates www. books-worth-reading lovable-food my-fav-pins

Korean mythology - Wikipedia

Korean mythology - Wikipedia

Judge Michael Cicconetti had a woman choose between 30 days in jail or walking 30 miles.

Judge Uses Unusual Punishments to Keep People Out of Jail

Judge Michael Cicconetti had a woman choose between 30 days in jail or walking 30 miles.

Holder calling for overhaul of drug-related sentences. Pinned by the You Are Linked to Resources for Families of People with Substance Use Disorder cell phone / tablet app, on January 13, 2014;      Android - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.thousandcodes.urlinkedlite;                    iPhone - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/you-are-linked-to-resources/id743245884?mt=8

Holder calling for overhaul of drug-related sentences

Obama administration declares new voter rights strategy - Yahoo! News —- Apparently Holder once again know better… and screw the courts.

Obama to award Medal of Honor to two dozen veterans

Obama to award Medal of Honor to 19 minority service members

Obama to award Medal of Honor to two dozen veterans, including 19 discrimination victims - The Washington Post (Draw connections to Hispanics and the Medal of Honor video in Spanish

How does Donald (Trump) compare to Ronald (Reagan)? - BBC Newsnight - YouTube

How Does Donald Trump Stack Up Against Ronald Reagan?

Darrell Green and Art Monk honored.

Two Redskins Legends Weigh In On Name Controversy

Mike Brown anniversary: Police shoot man in Ferguson   - CNN.com

Mike Brown anniversary: Arrests, state of emergency

Multiple shots erupted in Ferguson late Sunday night, sending people running for cover, as crowds marked one year since unarmed teenager Michael Brown was killed

In Germany, it’s Pegida. In Greece, Golden Dawn. And in France, it’s the National Front. Fueled by fear, Europe’s far-right political movements are gaining momentum. A New York Times documentary.

Aftershock: How Terrorism Sways Politics

Discontent bred of globalization and economic devastation has precedent in history.