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Circles by Barbara W.

"There is something about circles the Beloved likes. Within the circle of a Perfect One there is an infinite community of light. Art by Barbara W.

ԑ̮̑♦̮̑ɜ~Mandala ~ԑ̮̑♦̮̑ɜ

Mandala (मण्डल) is a Sanskrit word that means “circle”. In Tibetan Mandala Sand Painting is called dul-tson-kyil-khor, which literally means “mandala of colored powders”. They are key part of anuttarayoga tantra meditation practices.

mandala art Balance Mandala Chakra art yoga by HeavenOnEarthSilks, $34.00

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You are a Mirror to your Soul

See, this kind of thing would be an effort, but fairly easy for Hadiz, because he's got decades of practice. Perz would look at it and be insanely jealous.