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Most physicists think time is a subjective illusion, but Lee Smolin challenges this orthodoxy in his new book, "Time Reborn" (April which he discussed Wednesday (April at the Rubin Museum of Art.


Astronomical clock Riga, Latvia: Beautiful clock of the City Council in Riga, Latvia


Storyfinder by Marcin Bielenin, via Behance game user interface gui ui


“The fine, intricately patterned latticework of diatom frustules and radiolarian tests rates as one of many natural aesthetic wonders. The holes in radiolarian and diatom shells respectively exist for.


Illustrations by Cebu, Philippines based illustrator Niel Quisaba. His works has been featured in Computer Arts Projects and

Уроки рисования (18+)

Flavio Bolla - Environment Concept Artist and Illustrator: Das Schwarze Auge - Step by Step


❄A MidWinter's Night's Dream❄ .Magical, Mystical Fantasy Castle , Cast in the Shadow of Blue Moons. By Artist Unknown.