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Long eared Owl chick ~ These are wild long eared owls. not captive! I heard a young owl calling & went to investigate. Two chicks were sitting in the open at the edge of a hedgerow, allowing some very close up images.

Owl by Lilia73, via Flickr

" The Great grey owl is large grey owl with dense, fluffy plumage, long wings and tail and a large head with no ear-tufts. They are mostly active at night.

Snoozing owl

A Spotted Wood Owl awakes (probably my fault) at the KL Bird Park, Malaysia. by Julian Kaesler

Absolutely beautiful

Snowy Owl (Bubo scandiacus) native to the arctic regions of North America and Eurasia

"What do you want ?"

Forest Eagle Owl - I beg your pardon! Would you please turn around, Im dressing!

Crested Owls

Crested Owls (Lophostrix cristata) found from South Mexico, Central America to Peru in South America

 #birds #kuş

Portrait of real owl orange eyes penetrating gaze vertical and isolated

Saw-whet Owl love the eyes

Saw whet Owl❤️, just a note, saw whet owls are the cutest owls