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Tori Amos & Rosalie Craig (the star of "The Light Princess"), October 2013.

Tori Amos & Rosalie Craig (the star of "The Light Princess"), October

Tori Amos

Name: Tori Amos Dates: Why she rocks: She is a very accomplished singer-songwriter, composer, and pianist. She has been regarded as one of the most talented musicians of our generation.

Wish I could play like her! Tori Amos

In love with this woman - Tori Amos: amazing artist, beautiful woman and she has…

The music of Tori Amos, especially that from these early albums from the is so so SO dear to me. I remember the day I discovered Tori Amos as clear as if it was yesterday - possibly even clearer since I spent most of yesterday drunk.

Tori & Tash

Tori Amos and only daughter Natashya Hawley. She sings a few songs with her mother on Night Of Hunters- and she's AAMMAAZZZINNGG

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blisss-big.jpg 343×484 pixels

Tori Amos 1995

The reissue of Tori Amos' Little Earthquakes is all you could ask for in a deluxe reissue. Milner, explains why Little Earthquakes and Amos are so great.

Worth the wait <3 Tori Kelly

Day Song That Describes You - Dear No One by Tori Kelly. It was either this one or Eyelashes by Tori Kelly.both those songs literally speak to my entire life